Owning my identity online is really important to me, and having my own place on the web is a fundamental part of this.

Before December 2015, I self-hosted my website, which I enjoyed as I had full control over every aspect of my site, from writing blog posts in my text editor to customising the caching of the site. However, in December 2015, I decided to switch to a DigitalOcean VPS, which allowed me to retain control over almost every part of the site, while benefitting from a faster server with higher bandwidth and lower latency. is a static Jekyll site, hosted by Apache on a DigitalOcean VPS. Its SSL certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt, an open certificate authority that provides SSL certificates for free using a totally automated certificate acquisition process. The codebase for is kept on a Gitlab instance on my server, and to update the site, I simply make the change in my local repository then commit and push the changes. uses CSS3 and HTML5, and adheres to web standards. The HTML and CSS should validate.

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