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Top 10 Safari Extensions


Out of the vast amount of Safari extensions on the web, I have chosen my favourite 10:

  • Pure Reader

    Pure Reader makes Google Reader a joy to use by redesigning the site completely and making it light and stylish.

  • Pure Flickr

    Pure Flickr redesigns Flickr, and is by the same person as Pure Reader.  It too makes Flickr light and stylish.

  • Ultimate Status Bar

    Ultimate Status Bar replaces that static status bar with a status bar that fades in and out when you hover over a link.  My favourite feature is the built-in URL lengthener, so you can see where you are going to go before you go there.

  • InvisibleHand

    InvisibleHand checks the web to see if you can get a better deal when you are shopping online.  Like the Ultimate Status Bar, it only shows when you need it.

  • Web Of Trust

    The Web Of Trust extension helps you securely and safely browse the web, by giving you the community rating of the site.  You can customise it to display a warning before showing sites below a specific rating, and it plugs into search results.

  • True Knowledge

    True Knowledge tries to find what you are looking for when you search.  It’s very accurate and often links you to the best site there is.

  • Feather

    Feather restyles Twitter to only show the parts you are interested in.  It provides a light and clean interface to Twitter.

  • Nice Alert

    Nice Alert replaces the annoying pop-up alerts you get with most browsers, and instead inserts the alert text at the top-right of your window in a Post-it note like container.

  • Beautifier and Optimize Legibility

    These two extensions smooth fonts and make the web much easier to read.

  • SCC

    SCC (Safari Currency Converter) converts any currencies on the web to the one that you use.  You can hover over the converted currency to view the original one, or press the toolbar button to view all the original currencies.

What are your favourite Safari Extensions?

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